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Chronic Back Pain

There are many people that suffer from back pain on a daily basis. But, if you’ve missed a day or two of work or visited the doctor because of ongoing pain in your back, you may be suffering from what is commonly referred to as chronic back pain.

What is Chronic Back Pain?

Chronic back pain is classified as back pain that lasts for three months or longer and is usually the result of arthritis, a spinal irregularity, a muscle or ligament strain, a bulging or ruptured disk, or osteoporosis. The most common and easy to treat symptoms include muscle aches, stabbing or shooting pain, and pain that worsens when lifting, standing or bending.

How to Relieve Back Pain

Many of these symptoms can often be treated simply. Low Impact exercises like swimming or walking can help with building and strengthening muscles. Practicing exercise can also help those who are overweight. People with chronic back pain are encouraged to find and maintain a healthy body weight, which reduces strain on the back, lessening the pain.  It is advised that If you must lift something, be sure to focus on letting your legs carry most of the load. Additionally, practicing good posture when both sitting or standing will help to take the strain off the back.

When to See a Doctor

Symptoms often vary from patient to patient. Some may find they experience one to multiple symptoms. In the case that symptoms continue to worsen, the pain spreads, or you begin to experience tingling or numbness of the legs, it is imperative to see a doctor as soon as possible.