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Help Promote Pain Awareness Week

With the second week of November being National Pain Awareness Week in Canada, we’re taking a look at the impact of pain and how you can show your support. The Canadian Pain Coalition is dedicated to increasing awareness and promoting sustained improvement in pain management in Canada. From November 6th to the 12th, organizations and individuals come together to raise public awareness of the millions of Canadians who are suffering from pain. In order to make the effort successful, it’s essential to get involved and educate yourself and others on the impact of chronic pain.

The Impact of Chronic Pain

Chronic pain has a major impact on everyday life, mentally and physically. In fact, chronic pain can lead to depression, stress, and anxiety. Additionally, many adults in Canada are unemployed due to their inability to work full-time jobs because the pain is too great. Pain Awareness Month is crucial in order to adequately educate healthcare providers, employers, and the general public about the impacts of chronic pain.

How to Get Involved

The Canadian Pain Coalition offers several ideas for getting involved throughout the month of November. Here is a short list of things you can do to show your support.

  1. Speak out

Speak out on the importance of National Pain Awareness week and keep your friends, family, and doctors educated about the effects of chronic pain. Take advantage of your social media platforms to connect with others who experience and understand chronic pain.

  1. Inform community leaders

Call your local government and media to discuss the issues of pain and the importance of pain awareness month.

  1. Raise money

Make a donation to the CPC or donate an item for the GALA silent auction.

  1. Take care of your health
    The number one priority should always be your health. If you suffer from pain of any kind, seek medical attention from the healthcare professionals at MacKenzie SDI.

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