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How to Treat Car Accident Injuries

Treating Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries, some that can be seen and some that are not so obvious.  In many cases, it tends to be the underlying injuries that can produce long term chronic pain.  Often times, injuries to your back or neck can cause symptoms that affect other areas of your body including your arms, legs, muscles, and nerves.  It is important for a physician to determine the exact cause of a patient’s pain so they are able to customize a treatment plan that targets the specific source of pain.

Symptoms of Car Accident Injuries

Neck pain and stiffness is a common result of auto injuries and occurs when the disc in-between vertebrae are damaged.  Whiplash, commonly associated with rear-end auto collisions, can also cause neck pain and stiffness as well as a series of other conditions like headaches and migraines, blurred vision, dizziness, and trouble concentrating.

Back pain occurs when discs in the back are damaged or when the spine is injured.  Back injuries can lead to a variety of symptoms including limited mobility, difficulty sitting or standing straight, shooting pains, muscle aches, tingling or numbness in arms and legs, as well as leg pain.

Treatment Options for Car Accident Injuries

MacKenzie SDI specializes in the treatment of acute and chronic pain due to auto injuries.  Treatment begins with a thorough examination in order to discover the root cause of pain.  After a careful diagnosis, treatment plans may include non-invasive spinal decompression, laser therapy, chiropractic care, stretching techniques, joint and soft tissue manipulation, or physical therapy.

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