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Orthotics and Foot Support

Orthotics and Foot Support: A Complete Guide

Orthopedic shoe inserts are intended to correct an irregular walking pattern, by altering the angles that the foot strikes when walking or running. Orthotics come in different forms, from simple inserts that are placed in shoes, to custom shoe inserts. Most of the orthotics are complex in design and shape, especially those that are custom-fitted that need casting, impressions and advanced technology to create.

Orthotics cost less when they are massively produced, but the problem with this mode of production is the compromise in correcting different issues for different people. When this happens, instead of the orthotics posing as a solution, they cause more harm.

Essentially, the purpose of this type of shoe insert is to heal things like bunions, tarsal tunnel syndrome, and Achilles tendonitis. If you are suffering from one of the ailments listed above, visit MacKenzie SDI in Coquitlam to discuss more on the right shoe insert for your foot.

Benefits of Orthotics in Coquitlam

There are different ways in which orthotics help. Orthotics cannot only give you a chance to run, jump or walk again by reducing any swelling or foot pain that inhibits you from making normal movements, but also prevent injury from happening in the first place. Once you have a shoe insert made to fit your foot, your stability and range of motion will increase and your risk of injury will decrease.

Orthotics can relieve the stress of your plantar fascia when walking or standing. There are really great brands of exercise shoes, work shoes and booths, but nothing quite works like that of orthotic relief. When your foot isn’t aligned correctly or supported, pain can become unbearable. Orthotic insoles can be the answer. They also relieve some issues that are on the hips and the back parts of the body.

They also aid in:

  • Preventing deformities of the foot.
  • Improving the ankle and foot condition.
  • Supporting the whole body.

If you have a job that entails a lot of legwork, you may want to begin by stretching or running before your day starts. Your foot will enjoy the additional cushion that the shoe insert provide. Orthotics can prevent any inflammations from occurring if you play competitive sports like football, basketball or long distance running.

Orthotics are prescription orthotics. Just like each person has a unique prescription for eyeglasses, these are designed specifically for each individual. Although custom inserts are more expensive than the over the counter, they offer more support and they last even longer.

Functional Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Functional orthotics are designed to provide comfort on abnormal feet. They reduce any foot pronation and absorb any shocks that are felt while running or walking. They are used to support the mid and rear foot of a deformed foot.

There are modifications that can be done to make an orthotics treatment personalized. Contact MacKenzie SDI in Coquitlam today for a consultation.