Health Tips From MacKenzie SDI

The Dangers of Pain Medication

Pain medications do not treat the cause of pain. They are designed to temporarily mask pain, but do nothing to actually cure the source of the issue. Without proper treatment for a pain condition, patients face a continuous cycle of medicating which can lead to abuse and possible addiction.
Side Effects of Pain Medication Use
As […]

How to Treat Car Accident Injuries

Treating Car Accident Injuries
Car accidents can cause a variety of injuries, some that can be seen and some that are not so obvious.  In many cases, it tends to be the underlying injuries that can produce long term chronic pain.  Often times, injuries to your back or neck can cause symptoms that affect other […]

Non-Surgical Back Pain Treatment

No one should have to deal with aching, chronic pain. Unfortunately, over 30 million North Americans suf­fer from back pain every day.  If you are experiencing back pain that won’t go away, MacKenzie SDI can help.
How Our Back Pain Treatments Work
Our pain specialists focus on treating all disc and spine-related conditions with advanced non-surgical treatments. […]

Thyroid Awareness Month: Understanding Thyroid Related Pain

January is Thyroid Awareness Month which aims to help raise public awareness of people who are suffering from thyroid related conditions. With thyroid disease affecting nearly 200 million people across the world, it’s a more common condition than that heart diseases and diabetes. By spreading the message of thyroid disease, we can help more […]

Arthritis Pain Relief Tips for Winter Weather

Patients suffering from arthritis have commonly blamed the weather on their increased pain. Thanks to the effects of the barometric pressure changes on your body, joint pain may be an indicator or weather changes. However, the scientific evidence is conflicting. Certain studies have found a strong correlation with short, cold days and arthritis flare-ups […]