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How to Prevent Back Pain While Gardening

Gardening offers several benefits for your body, but if you suffer from back pain, moving around your garden can be painful. Garden work requires repetitive bending, which can lead to back pain and other various injuries. To prevent further strain, it’s important to take the proper time to prepare your body and use smart tools to lighten the work. Here are some insights on how to take the ache out of gardening.

Pain Free Gardening

Set Attainable Goals

Before creating or modifying your garden, set modest goals for each portion of the day and evaluate how you feel every couple of hours. The best rule to follow is to start slowly, then gradually build up momentum. Remember to pace yourself and take necessary breaks so you can worker for longer periods of time.

Ergonomic Garden Tools

Garden tools are no longer one size fits all. Designed to minimize the physical stresses and strains associated with gardening, these tools tend to be made of lightweight materials and have longer handles so that you can perform gardening tasks without bending over. We recommend incorporating garden seats, plant caddies, no-bend weed puller, and cushioned kneeling pads to prevent joint pain.

Get Creative

Choose gardening options that eliminate bending, stooping, and squatting. A creative way to make your garden more accessible is to incorporate raised garden beds, container gardens, or hanging baskets. You’ll be able to enjoy gardening without the fear of worsening your back pain.

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