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Sports Injury Treatment in Coquitlam, BC

If you are active in sports activities, it’s possible that injuries will occur. Sports injuries are a result from accidents, insufficient training, improper use of protective gear, or insufficient stretching/warm-up exercises. Our medical professionals provide you with state-of-the-art technology in conjunction with experience and skill to help you achieve your optimal level of health.

5 Common Sports Injuries

  1. Sprains
    A sprain can occur in almost any type of physical activity. It occurs when a ligament tears or over extends. They can range from minor to a complete severed ligament.
  2. Knee Injuries

Knee injuries occur among patients of all ages and fitness levels. In the vast majority of sports, people use knees to run, sprint, jump, and move, therefore putting knees are a higher risk for injury and pain.

  1. Shin Splits

A shin split is when pain occurs along the shin pain. They are most common in runners due to failing to warm up properly or insufficient running shoes.

  1. Low Back Pain

Back pain can be sudden and unexpected. There are several causes for back pain, including poor lifting techniques, improper body mechanics, and muscle strains.

  1. Dislocations

Dislocations occur mostly in contact sports such as football, boxing, and hockey. The most common joints that are dislocated are the fingers, hand, and shoulders.


Non-Surgical Sports Injury Treatment

With a group of sports medicine specialists and qualified physical therapists in-house, we can help you recover from sports-related injuries quickly and effectively. We offer customized rehabilitation programs that will be sure to get you back to professional or recreational sport and ensure you are functioning at ideal health. MacKenzie SDI has been serving Coquitlam for over forty years – our experience, skill, and advanced diagnostic techniques are what keep our patients coming back to us. Contact us today to schedule your consultation